Dedicated to research in the field of technical thermodynamics and to the energy efficiency improvements in thermal energy systems, primarily in the buildings and industry, in the context
of the regulations subjected to the implementation of EU Directives in national legislation.


1.    Fran Bošnjaković Day
  • Exergy (entropy) analysis of thermal processes and systems
  • Numerical and analytical approach in modelling of heat and mass transfer
  • Heat and mass transfer in heat apparatus
  • Two phase flow evaluation and modelling
  • Boiling heat transfer enhancement
  • Heat and mass transfer in micro channels (micro heat exchangers)
  • Heat exchanger design optimization and improvements
  • Vapour compression cycle enhancements
  • Vapour compression system modelling
  • Absorption and desiccant cooling
  • Combustion and gasification
  • Energy systems modelling
  • Building modelling and optimization
  • Air flow modelling in ventilation
  • Occupant thermal comfort modelling
  • Testing and measurements
  • Distillation and rectification
2.    Energy Efficiency and Renewables
  • Zero emission buildings
  • Nearly zero energy buildings
  • Smart building technologies
  • Smart readiness of buildings
  • New methods and tools in assessment of energy performance of buildings
  • New trends in HVAC systems design
  • Advanced equipment and system control
  • Alternative systems (RES, heat pumps, CHP)
  • Energy from waste biomass
  • District heating/cooling from renewables and waste heat
  • Seasonal thermal energy storage systems
  • Geothermal energy
  • Domestic and industrial refrigeration
  • Cooling from renewable sources
  • Low GWP refrigerants
  • Compressors
  • Energy management
  • Heat mapping
  • Smart meters/cities
  • Thermal storage system and materials
  • Building envelope and lighting systems
  • Phase change materials in buildings
  • Advances in EU regulation (EPBD, EED, RES, F-Gas, ErP)
  • Life-cycle GWP of buildings