Dedicated to research in the field of technical thermodynamics and to the energy efficiency improvements in thermal energy systems, primarily in the buildings and industry, in the context
of the regulations subjected to the implementation of EU Directives in national legislation.


Held since 1969, the INTER-KLIMA Conference is the oldest event of its kind in this part of Europe. Over years it has grown into an international venue for meetings of scientists and experts in the field of heating, refrigeration, air conditioning, and, generally, energy conversion in buildings and industry. This is also place where numerous exhibitors may introduce their novelties to attending experts.

This year, the Conference will be held along with Klima-forum, creating the largest event in the field of cooling, ventilation and air-conditioning.

Co-organized by four Universities and supported by the relevant international scientific organizations and journals, the INTER-KLIMA 2023 Conference brings many new and actual topics such are:

  • Zero emission buildings
  • Smart readiness of buildings
  • Advances in EU regulation (EPBD, EED, RES, F-Gas, ErP)
  • Low GWP refrigerants
  • Renewable district heating & cooling
  • Seasonal thermal energy storage systems
  • Life-cycle GWP of buildings
  • Renovation passports.

The INTER-KLIMA 2023 Conference will be composed of two sections:

  • Fran Bošnjaković Day
  • Energy Efficiency and Renewables.
Among the others, the dedicated lectures will be given by the experts participated in development of the new set of EPBD related CEN standards (EC Mandate to CEN M/480).

We expect that the Conference will gather prominent scientist and experts of various professions – mechanical, civil, architectural. electrical and agricultural engineering and others. During the Conference they will be given the opportunity to exchange their research and practical experiences within the fields covered by this event.